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Kristen Arant

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Last Update-February 2004
Rhythm Workers Union - in Action


- Tabled and led a panel/workshop at NCOR (National Conference on Organized Resistance), American University, Washington DC, January 24, 2004

- Drummed at an action against Halliburton/Bechtel, MacPherson Square, Washington DC, February 24, 2004

- Marched and drummed as part of the Dover to DC Peace March, March 15, 2004

- Drummed at the World Still Says No to War demonstration, Lafayette Park, Washington DC, March 20, 2004

- Performed at a fundraiser for Change Your Mind Day, sponsored by the Washington Buddhist Peace Fellowship, Mimi's Bistro, Washington DC, April 17, 2004

- Participated in an Earth Day drum circle, FDR Memorial, Washington DC, April 22, 2004

- Drummed, with the Mother Drum Ship (MDS), at the March for Women's Lives, National Mall, Washington DC, April 25, 2004

- Participated in the Affirmative Action March, Washington DC, May 15, 2004

- Marched and drummed at the ANSWER anti-war march, then performed at the Change Your Mind Day event, Washington DC, June 5, 2004

- Performed as part of the DC Fete de la Musique, Eastern Market and Gallery Place Metro stops, Washington DC, June 18 and 19, 2004

- Performed at Sounds of Hope benefit concert, the Potters House, Washington DC, July 16, 2004

- Drummed during the Anacostia Farmer's Market, and then hosted a drum circle with Community Family Life Services at Luther Place Church, Washington DC, August 11, 2004

- Marched as part of the March for Women's Lives protest during the Republican National Convention, New York City, August 28, 2004

- Marched, with the Mother Drum Ship, during the protest march to the Republican National Convention Headquarters in Times Square, New York City, August 29, 2004 (Note: a few Rhythm Workers participated in other protests/events during the week of the Convention)

- Performed a set at the Takoma Park Folk Festival, Takoma Park MD, September 12, 2004

- Marched during the Parade for Peace, Takoma Park MD, September 20, 2004

- Provided percussion during solemn silent vigil for peace from Arlington National Cemetary to the White House, Washington DC, October 2, 2004

- Performed at fundraiser to support Empower DC at the Market 5 Gallery, Washington DC, October 9, 2004

- Participated in the Post-Election protest at Lafayette Park, Washington DC, November 3, 2004

- Hosted a drum circle at Artomatic, Washington DC, November 13, 2004

- Hosted a community drum circle at Cafe Mawonaj, Washington DC, December 4, 2004

- Provided rhythm activities for kids at the Empower DC family day, Washington DC, December 18, 200

- Hosted and organized "First Night" drum circle for New Year's Eve at Sangha, Takoma Park MD, December 31, 2004


- Drummed in support of the Women for Peace rally in LaFayette Park, DC, January 17, 2003

- Marched for Peace, saying NO to a war againgst Iraq, at the Capitol, DC, January 18, 2003

- Drummed in support of Peace at the rally in LaFayette Park in memory of Phil Berrigan, January 19, 2003

- Chanted, Drummed and Danced to raise powerful energy in a cone of peace, Washington Monument, March 15, 2003

- Marched demos in Washington, D.C. and New York City to stop the war on Iraq

- Performed at local Youth Summit sponsored by the Youth Leadership Support Network

- Performed at Community Yard Sale for Affordable Housing

- Performed in “pit” for production of the play “Lysistrata,” sponsored by CODEPINK

- Marched for International Women’s Day

- Organized “Cone of Power” drum circle for anti-war demo

- Brought 3 community drum circles to N St. Village—a women’s transitional housing co-op

- Performed for benefit for the Latin American Solidarity Conference

- Brought a drum circle to the University of Maryland for their Earth Day celebration

- Hosted non-violence training at RWU meeting and invited community to attend

- Drummed with Baltimore-D.C. “The Cost of War is Paid by the Poor” marchers

- Performed at Benefit Concerts for Amnesty International and for the Washington Peace Center

- Brought drum circle to Children’s Hospital

- Marched in local actions to end the occupation of Iraq

- Performed at Takoma Park Folk Festival and Taste of DC Festival

- Drummed to welcome to town the Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride

- Marched for Peace and against the war in Iraq, Oct. 25, 2003

- Provided drumming for “Dance Free DC” events in Takoma, DC

- Provided women’s drumming workshop at CODEPINK Teach-In: Women! Be the Change!


- Performed at D.C. Teach-In on the World Economic Forum, sponsored by Left-Turn, January 2002

- Performed at city-wide activist party in D.C. that drew nearly 300 people, January 2002

- Performed at Anti-War rally in the spirit of Martin Luther King, Jan 20,    2002 – then marched from the Lincoln Memorial to the Whitehouse

- Marched in annual Anacostia Martin Luther King Day Parade in D.C., Jan 21, 2002

- Drummed during a pagan ceremony and vigil before the protest against the World Economic Forum in NYC.

- Participated as a central rhythmic core for the demonstrations against the World Economic Forum in NYC, Jan31-Feb4, 2002

- Played at the D.C. Mayor's "State of the District Address", to support those who protest how the mayor has sold the city to private corporations.

- Our own celebration/fundraiser performance, April 13, 2002

- Participated in the march with the Mobilize for Global Justice Protest the IMF & World Bank and converged with the march to Stop the War at Home and Abroad, April 20, 2002

- WPFW - radio performance, Town Hall Meeting - Voices for Peace , All Souls Church, April 20, 2002

- Earth Day Celebration performance at Takoma Park Food Co-op, April 21, 2002

- Performed and led march for the Take Back the Night rally at the University of MD College Park, April 21, 2002

- Played at the Palestine Solidarity demo, Hilton Hotel, DC, April 22, 2002

- Played at the Earth Day Celebration in Jessup Blair Park in Silver Spring, April 28, 2002

- Performed at the Spring Arts & Activists Party, Jo Butler Parks Center. May 10, 2002

- Played for pro-diversity, anti-Nazi rally, May 11, 2002

- Played at Mt. Pleasant Day festival, May 11, 2002

- Performed at the Anti-WEF rally at the US Trade Representative Office, May 21, 2002

- Performed for the Women's in Prison Rally at Lincoln Park, June 1, 2002

- Performed at the film screening of "The True Costs of War in the Middle East" at Visions Theatre, sponsored by the DC Anti-War Network, June 11, 2002

- Played at the DC Labor Arts Exhchange party, June 15, 2002

- Performed at the DC Labor Department rally, June 26, 2002

- Played at the Protest of the Olympics in DC, June 29, 2002

- Drummed with our hearts for the Drums around the World Ceremony at the FDR Memorial, August 25, 2002

- Drummed at the Candlelight Vigil against Global Violence, Dupont Circle, Sept. 10, 2002

- Provided musical support for the Flags of the World parade at the One Prayer Vigil, Sept. 21, 2002

- Beat the Anti-War drums during a rally at Freedom Plaza, Sept. 27, 2002

- Rallied and marched from the Washington Monument to the IMF/WorldBank in protest to globalized capitalization, Sept. 28, 2002

- Marched from Dupont Circle to the Vice President's residence in support of a peaceful solution with Iraq, Sept. 29, 2002

- Rallied on Capitol Hill to protest the push for war by the President and Congress, October 9, 2002

- Supported the International Human Rights Day, December 10, 2002


- Drummed at demonstration at the D.C. Italian Embassy – a memoriam for the anti-globalization activist who was shot in Genoa, Italy

- Marched for Mobalization for Global Justice in protest of the IMF/WTO policies, Sept. 29, 2001

-  Marched in Peace (Anti-War) Demonstrations in D.C. that drew over 10,000 people – Sept. 29 & 30, 2001

- Performed at D.C. Statehood Green Party Welcome Event, Sept. 30, 2001

- Marched in Parade for Peace, sponsored by the D.C. Youth Leadership Support Network, October 2001

- Marched in Watts Branch Park Revival (a local D.C. park) sponsored by Washington Parks & People, November 2001

- Performed in Holiday Concert organized by the D.C. Labor Chorus, December 2001


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