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About the Rhythm Workers Union
- How it All Began -

The Rhythm Workers Union began on the summer solstice of 2001, when a group of musicians who care about peace, justice and the environment came together at Jesup-Blair Park in Silver Spring, Maryland to begin the process of becoming an organized rhythm group, "Jamming for Justice".

The group held counsel in the smoke of burning sage, and began a vision quest. Each told his or her ideas on what our mission should be. We decided to meet at least every other week, and through the summer continued to meet at the same park and practice rhythms, songs, and chants.

The RWU is growing with new members and we now meet at least weekly. We believe in democracy and our meetings reflect this belief.
New members are always welcome.

On July 12, of that summer, the RWU created a list of visions, and has accomplished them all and then some.

**** Our Visions - July 12, 2001 ******

- To be an amoeba of rhythm
- To build a strong core who participate
regularly, but to always provide an opening for those who want to join.
- To coalesce drummers to the call as we march in a Critical Mass.
- To find common ground in sound
- To always have an opening heart
- To help create a culture that respects life
- To understand that music is a living part of culture, touching our MINDS*HEARTS*BODIES*COMMUNITY
- To find connection to the Earth through Drums that are made from the Earth.
- To take a stand for a culture that celebrates life, rather than protesting one that doesn't.
- To know that it s not about US vs. THEM, but WHICH DIRECTION we are moving in.
- To act on the personal as well as the political
- To live what we feel; art, music and dance.
- To begin countering glorification of greed and oppressive power with a strong celebration of life.
- To be Direct Action Syncopators; to become one part of the whole scheme of non-violent

We have currently updated our visions list with 10 Core Values that we hope to practice on a daily basis.




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