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Personal thoughts of the Rhythm Workers
Please respect the rights of the individuals who have shared their personal thoughts by not copying or using these entries without the express permission from the individual who wrote the entry.
 Lots of entries to come!!!
Kristen-04/25/04---The March for Women's Lives '04 - this was historical, powerful, and possibly the largest march ever to grace the capitol and mall. We were there in full force, women and our supporters, rhythm workers and belly dancers and puppets and people all around us glowing from the output of positive, powerful inspiration and energy. I'll never forget the exchanges of smiles and nods between rhythm workers throughout the day - the powerful moments drumming with Katy, Imani and kerem on the dun-uns. The circle and spiral dance. A change is a-comin and we can all feel it as we raise the energy up up up up up up and away. At the same time the grounding effect of the beats kept me from collapsing (there were a couple of moments where i thought this might happen) - i was playing the rhythms, staring at the large moon of the dun-un head, becoming one with it as everything else faded into the background. All I could feel was love. What an experience. I'll never forget it. Drumming for justice and unity with my family.

RavenEyes-04/25/04---I was blessed to be able to attend The March for Women's Lives '04. Feelings of pride, joy, and love filled my heart and spirit. Together both sisters and brothers stand up for our rights for health, family, and equality. Women every where stand for all that is nurturing, and healing for all and Mother Earth.

May our intentions become reality. May ALL hearts EVERYWHERE know that we are ONE, and that the Earth is our HOME. MAY PEACE PREVAIL.

Anna-09/30/2002---We rocked this weekend, if i do say so myself. First of all, bringing out the Mother Drum Ship (we did it ourselves on Sunday, marcus! Yeah!)
made a huge difference and really got the energy going on Sunday. It was cool that we drummed with the local Dupont Circle conga players for a while, but we didn't drown them out for long and respectfully moved along. At the rally near Cheney's house, Steph, Katy, and Kristin got roped in to wear funny rubber politician masks and beat the oil drums of war! I may not have seen anything as funny in my whole life. There was some
fumbling around for the mike when they asked the Rhythm Workers to round up the rally, but way to step in and perform at a moment's notice, everyone! If only we'd taken the opportunity to announce our monthly community drum jam.
I finally understand why we are doing this (took me a while, right?). I mean, the corporate media says this movement is pointless and too varied in its goals, but in the sixties they had various goals, too. And we have a big point-- to show that the entire country does not stand behind Bush in his warmongering. Does not stand behind this agenda of
corporate globalization. We are out there, making the loudest protests we can against this downward spiral of monoculture. As one of the speakers said yesterday, Americans were bystanders during the Holocaust and thus are equally guilty. Well, I say to globalization and war WE WILL NOT BE BYSTANDERS!
Drum on.

Kristen's musings after WEF in NYC---folks, i think that, more than anything else that we have (ie: the motherdrumship, the musical talent, the commitment to social change), we have a very special connection to each other - incredible spirit, love, acceptance and harmony - plus the ability to expand that toward others who join us - and this special charge amongst us is the thing that will help us to change the culture that's around us.

When we were walking to the party singing, "every tear falls grows a rose," and people were walking by witnessing that, and when people heard us singing the Earth Chant through the streets of NY, i think we caused them to think about it. We look RADICAL - not flaked out (except once in awhile when we're all tired from long, hard days of playing and singing in the streets) - our spirits coelesce and become something so warm, it's irresistable. We are people LIVING in harmony for peace and justice - and *that* is changing the culture.



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