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About the Rhythm Workers Union
- The Music -

 - The Rhythm Workers Union consists of many levels and styles of musical talent and skill, and this helps us to create music with a unique balance of experience and idealism -- structure and spontaneity. Some RW's are full into the drumming aspect of the group, whereas others are interested in singing/songwriting, and still others play woodwinds and add a dancing aspect to the group.

 We have performed in front of staged audiences. In performances we concentrate on balance, blend and harmony and add various instruments that have included the
Djeridoo, oboe, Bouzouki, flute, Sitar, harmonica and more. As more people join the group, more interesting instruments and ideas add to the mix. In contrast, our street performances and drum circles are more drum and percussion heavy, although still maintaining sensitivity with regard to volume and balance.

Most of our songs are originals, and others are covers of well-known or well-liked songs from the civil rights movement, labor movement, various anti-war movements and even the rainbow gathering movement. Our songs and set list are open for additions and changes as the groups grows and expands.

On a seasonal basis, the RWU go out of town for a retreat, spending a few days concentrating intensely on improving our musicality while building our trust and community as well. We cook and eat meals
together, swim, go on nature walks, and spend plenty of time jamming in addition to the more serious rhythm work.


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