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Rhythm Workers Union
- The Organization-

The Rhythm Workers Union is looking into several options for growing our group. As it is, our focus for growth is on outreach and fundraising the organic way. We are equipped with our own bank account, and have plans to eventually gain 501 C-3 status, or attach ourselves to one that already exists. We need this status in order to apply for grants that will help us pay our most dedicated Rhythm Workers for the hard work they do to keep the organization moving forward.
At present we have a treasurer, Gary Kaplan, who helps us track donations we receive for some of our community work as well as T-shirt sales.

We also have a fully functioning website at www.rhythmworkersunion.org, put together by our graphic artist, Becky Cagle.
And our lead coordinator Kristen Arant organizes and leads RWU meetings, actions and events, delegates tasks, and tracks the RWU s progress in writing.

We also have a list serve on which anyone desiring information on our rehearsals and events may sign up: rhythmworkersunion@yahoogroups.com. And we have another reserved for discussions amongst the core members of the group: rhythmworkerscore@yahoogroups.com. In addition, we are in contact with drumming groups in Austin, New York, Philadelphia, Ft. Lauderdale and Boston, many of whom we have met at the large demos for peace and justice in Washington, D.C., and who have expressed interest in becoming new chapters of the RWU.
In the future we hope to add more and more groups to our Critical Mass. Additionally, the RWU hopes to work more closely with children, the elderly and underserved members of our community, allowing our rhythms and our vibe of justice, peace and inclusion to ripple outward.
                               **** Rhythm Workers Union --Today ****
Since that first meeting, the Rhythm Workers Union has grown into a solid organization dedicated to furthering peace and justice in the world by working at the community level. We meet weekly at a
local church to practice rhythms and songs, learn new material, and continue to circle up in the spirit of our original gathering. Since its inception, the RWU has added spirit and flavor to more than 130 local and regional events including drumming for protests, pickets, rallies and marches, providing drum circles to inspire and heal people in our community, performing in benefit concerts for the cause, and adding our culture to local street & folk festivals (see more on our RW in Action).

How do we do all of this with volunteer participation alone?

The RWU consider each other family this is how we make it happen. The group has devoted itself to the principles of democracy, transparency, inclusion and non-violence, and upholds these principles by consistently welcoming new members, using consensus decision-making process, participating in non-violence trainings and discussions, and building trust through accountability.

The RWU contains a solid core family of people who participate regularly, and through their dedication earn the trust to lead actions and shape the direction of the organization overall. Although there is
always some turnover in the core as new members arrive and older members must leave, the above always stays true. Those who stay around the longest become trusted leaders in the group s musical and activist capacities.




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